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Calling All Audio Visual Distributors

Audio visual distributors earn 30% Margin.

Are you audio visual distributors and fancy making a whopping 30+ percent by reselling digital signage?

It is an add-on extra income stream for very little work – sounds ‘ideal’, so what’s the catch? None… by taking stock you have instant supply for your customers, or if you’re short on space the stock can be held for you until your customer requests it. As the world hurtles through the digital age, it is the logical way forward in terms of moving with the times, without the hassle of researching hundreds of makes and models. Whilst most screens are manufactured in China, how can you be sure you will receive the make or model you ordered, or indeed you’ll actually receive a screen (and not a pile of bricks – which believe me, has happened!)

Increasing market share for audio visual distributors.

Piece of mind, along with a cost effective price equals a good deal. A UK based supplier can ship digital signage to resellers and distributors within a minimal time scale; directly to your customer or to site, ready for installation. By already having contacts within the industry, or widening your net to include architects, shop fitters and builders, allows for digital advertising to be included in the project right from the start. There is nothing worse than a project, already over budget, being held up on completion because of an after thought of AV screens. Being an AV installer, you have an insight into the project and location and what your client is aiming to achieve, so by having access to a cost effective digital signage solution, you have no headaches to deal with; just call and a suitable AV screen can be sourced ready for your to work your magic on the installation. Whether it is for a permanent or temporary installation, digital signage has its place, adding extra revenue for the customer.

audio visual distributors

Large format digital installations, building projection and hanging electronic banners are perfect solutions for retail, hotel or exhibition sites, both indoor or outdoors. Filling a space with an innovative and lively image will make people stop and take note and can be adaptable for a myriad of events or locations, including outside. It brings branding to the forefront of an ad campaign. It doesn’t have to be just a 36” screen to be effective, being creative and imaginative may be a step too far for many shop owners or retailers but have no fear, we can guide you through the vast array of digital screens and find a perfect and cost effective solution. Digital media can be displayed via building signage, window panels, exhibition screens and even through vehicle graphics. Bus and van digital panels are the technology being developed now, so you can see digital media is pushing the boundaries of technology and graphics in a huge way.

You’re the best at installation, we’re the best for supplying the kit: Piece of mind, along with a cost effective price equals a good deal. Audio visual distributors can be comforted in that we have extensive knowledge in the industry and have worked with audio visual distributors in the USA for specific products.

For more information on how you can increase your profit and market share, contact Digital Signage Systems Limited, we are happy to work with any audio visual distributors.

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Digital Signage used in Small to Medium Enterprises

SME digital signage.

Do small enterprises think that digital signage, like digital posters, are too advanced for their business? This is a misconception, because reception digital signage is one of the many growing markets in the electronic advertising sector. Introducing the company or business brand in an innovative way attracts more customers, bringing in more work = revenue.

SME (Small To Medium Enterprises) digital signage solutions.

digital signage

Space is a major consideration, particularly for small businesses, as the budget is crucial and floor space is better used to display goods, for example in a clothing store; so one answer is to use the space above floor level. Free standing kiosks are ideal for certain outlets, but using wall space or ceiling hung electronic display screens is an economical way of using ‘free’ space. Even placing a small electronic tablet on a reception desk gives ample opportunity to run a infomercial, displaying additional services and promotional offers to encourage more business. Traditionally a folded leaflet would have been the choice of the small business, like an accountant or solicitor’s reception, but time has moved on and some form of digital signage is the way forward. Content development has become easier and cost effective against printing costs, and of course if there is a change to be made, it’s back to the printer (wasted time, effort and money), whereas a screen advertisement can be updated, altered and corrected at the click of a button. Installing the software onto the display screen is a simple process; content can be created in-house or contracted out to specialist software suppliers who will understand your requirements and produce a bespoke package.

Digital posters can be scheduled to run at various times; which is also an energy saving feature and the tax of the purchase can be offset against the businesses VAT in the accounts (check for more information with your accountant). For an additional income stream, featuring local business advertisements is a efficient way of supporting the local economy.

Small to medium organizations must adapt and embrace the evolving needs of both the customer and the industry in order to survive this competitive world. Digital signage is the perfect tool for promoting add-on sales, special offers and information the customers need to make an informed decision. Building brand awareness is pivotal to a successful small – medium enterprise.

For impartial advice for any advertising solutions for Small To Medium sized businesses, call Digital Signage Systems Limited.

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