Digital Signage Hire & Rental

digital signage rental

Digital Signage Systems Limited offer both indoor and outdoor digital signage hire and rental, most clients are looking for indoor digital signage for either a trade show, exhibition of a 1 to 2 day event – now DSS Limited has the solution. No matter if you want to call it hire or rental, we offer the electronic hardware for a minimum of 3 days and the length of the hire or rental depends on the clients requirements.

Indoor digital signage hire.

Our electronic solutions available are as follows:

  • Wall mounted LCD advertising posters
  • Floor standing digital kiosks
  • Interactive kiosks

So let us see what is on offer, the wall mounted solution can be mounted in either landscape or portrait depending on which is best for the application.

digital signage hire
Wall mounted LCD electronic posters available in the following sizes:

40″ product code: DP40HD Data sheet download here

46″ product code: DP46HD Data sheet download here

55″ product code: DP55HD Data sheet download here

65″ product code: DP65HD Data sheet download here

All the details are on the data sheets for the specifications of the digital signage hire units, including the actual size of the units, so you know they will fit your space.

The indoor floor standing kiosks are available as follows:

free standing digital signage hire
These units are available in the following sizes:

46″ product code: FS46HD Data sheet download here

55″ product code: FS55HD Data sheet download here

65″ product code: DP65HD Data sheet download here

All the indoor electronic advertising hardware comes as standard with a built in media player, this is a USB media player that comes with an integral memory card and the data is stored on the media player – so all you have to do is create the content and upload it to the player using a thumb or flash drive, watch the video below, to see how simple it is.

Outdoor digital signage hardware hire.

Currently this is being expanded, the electronic advertising units for outdoor digital signage hire come as standard with a networked media player, that can be updated using a WiFi network, so all that is needed is a power supply to the kiosk in the location you require, we currently offer:

  • Single sided outdoor kiosks 55″
  • Double sided outdoor kiosks 46″

outdoor digital kiosk hire
Images and specifications to be updated soon.

Contact Digital Signage Systems Ltd on 0843 2893717 to discuss your digital signage hire requirements.