Digital signage hardware rental, leasing and hire.

Digital Signage Rental [infographic]

Why digital signage rental is popular?

From event managers to exhibitors at trade shows, they all need to use digital signage, yet they do not have the compulsion to purchase the hardware, as it is only used infrequently. This is why renting digital signage hardware is becoming popular.

Hiring digital signage for trade shows.

This is one way to separate your companies identity from it’s competitors, they may not have thought outside the box and looked into hiring the hardware. But there are tax advantages in renting rather than purchasing the hardware outright, but you need to take independent financial advise from your company accountant.

Digital signage rental has been proven to be rather cost effective, with outlets earning money through sales from the ads on the ad system, then hiring more displays to increase their revenue. Then once they have hit a set amount they purchase the hardware outright at a discounted price or update the hardware to newer technology.

Renting the electronic advertising hardware can be as simple as completing a hire agreement, then leaving a deposit, that is balanced once the unit is returned. For more details contact Digital Signage Systems Limited.

digital signage rental


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