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Digital Signage Rental; More Pros Than Cons

Why digital signage rental is so successful.

The digital signage rental market is on the increase because of its convenience and limitless opportunities. Being able to add an extra revenue stream to your income is always welcome and can be off set against the rental of the hardware. As technology develops, whilst buying the screen and hardware outright is an investment, it can quickly be outdated, so why take the chance? Renting means no initial investment or out-laying of cash and has full technical advice and support to make the most of your equipment. Does your neighboring shop or competition have a digital sign in their window?

digital signage rental

Digital signage rental solutions.

A digital poster for advertising has superseded the traditional forms of wall poster advertising or flyers on top of the counter. They add a modern ambiance which attracts passing customers and increases your up-selling abilities for another income stream. Not only does this appeal to beauticians, but it is also applicable for accountants, leisure centers, shops and retail; including fast food restaurants and also private medical facilities.

Supporting local businesses is an important community opportunity and ANOTHER income; just work out how many adverts could be scheduled to run, 100 times by £100 gives a financial gain of £10,000. Why not have a local builder, electrician, architect, pub, car sales or wedding photographer ‘renting’ space on your digital signage screen? Selective scheduling also includes your own products and services at the most opportune times during the day – or evening (depending on your location).

Digital signage rental is an easy and hassle free experience. There is no technical knowledge needed to make the most of the hardware; plug and play – with the content designed and installed via a USB. This can be updated, changed or altered, as per your selected package, ie. monthly.

The size of screens range from a counter top tablet through to a poster sized window display – so any screen will be suitable to promote your business and other local enterprises.

Renting or leasing the digital signage has got to be a ‘Win Win’ situation, with no risk to you or your business and only a monthly contract – no initial outlay of thousands of pounds. And also without the bother of finding a content creation company to update the images and text of the advertisements, with the added assurance of telephone support.

Digital Signage Systems Ltd can offer a high spec. digital signage rental solutions at cost effective prices.



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