Digital Signage For Education – Effective use Of Time

Digital signage for education applications.

When schools and colleges use digital signage hardware, they are not doing it to be trendy; they are using the digital dynamic advertising hardware to communicate with staff, pupils and parents all at the same time in an efficient use of time. So let us look at the different types of digital signage for schools that are available.

Outdoor school digital signage.

digital signage for educationThis is perfect to inform parents about future events, when dropping off or collecting their children, this can be anything from an upcoming school trip, exhibition or parents evening. One thing is certain all educational facilities from primary schools through universities need to have an affordable solution and a solution that will work for the next 3 to 5 years, to ensure the payback is there.

Two problems we have in the UK, the first being the weather. We can have a downpour at a seconds notice and thin in 10 minutes the sky can clear to a beautiful blue sky. The second problem is the potential for the advertising hardware to become damaged outside from ball sports and the like. This is why the digital signage has to be protected from the weather and any physical threat, be it from a football or a cricket ball. The situation when an advertising screen is damaged and unusable is not worth considering. This is one reason that digital signage for education can be difficult without the necessary protection.

Outdoor protective housings that protect the high definition display can be mounted to an external wall, to protect the hardware during school time, then at the end of the school day, a button can be pressed on the remote control and a steel roller shutter cover the entire unit, providing a secure solution. Perfect, as most schools are open in the evenings and could even result in vandalism if left unprotected.

Indoor digital signage.

Educational digital signage is used mainly in the foyer, so if a parent is called in to speak with a teacher, they can see the time and room location for the meeting, they can also see the report for the day’s behavior. So no trying to find a room that is free.

Digital signage for education – cost effective.

Normally a HD display with at least 500 candelas are used for indoor use, for outdoor use (preferably not in direct sunlight), the brightness of the display should be a minimum of 1200 candelas, so the content can be seen on the display clearly. The content is extracted from an internet feed and can be replicated onto the schools website, so if a grandparent collected the child after school the parent can pick up any messages from the schools website.

Installation should be a painless process, with minimum disruption to the school, so ideally if just 1 screen is to be installed a weekend installation would be best, when children will not be around.

Using digital signage for education also allows the facility to communicate with staff, parents and pupils frees everyone’s time us, so the teachers can spend more time teaching and less time chasing lunch money up or deposits for school excursions. Parents know there is a challenge if they are mentioned on the outdoor digital sign, and so do the children, which is a good deterrent for the children to behave in school. The electronic signs are also used to show the status of the school in the school tables and what the outcome was for the OFSTED inspection.

Digital Signage Systems Limited have a vast knowledge of educational digital signage solutions and can provide the solutions they manufacturer at a very affordable price, which is a win win for every school. For more details on digital signage for education, get in touch today.