Options for digital signage rental and leasing

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Digital signage rental and leasing – what is available?

Digital Signage Systems Limited offer a wide range of digital signage solutions that are available for hire, rental and lease, their solutions range from 32” indoor LCD ad players to outdoor, double sided kiosks with screens up to 55” in size.

Indoor dynamic, digital signage rental.

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These are simple to use, all you need to do once you have created the ads you wish to display is copy them to a flash drive then insert the drive into the USB connector on the media player, the screen then indicates that the files are updating and asks you if you want to keep or delete the old files. On selecting delete, the new files are saved and the screen informs you to remove the flash drive and then the hardware reboots, showing the new content.

These units can be mounted in landscape or portrait depending on your application; they have a mounting pattern on the rear that will allow the units to be mounted to a wall, ceiling pole or even a floor stand.

Interactive digital signage.

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Some units have multi touch panels, so these can be used to evaluate a project when it is at the testing stage, to make sure the correct files are in place to prevent errors and to ensure success.

Interactive digital signage signage hire is very practical as the solutions can be tested before the company commits to investing in the hardware with an outright purchase. We are all used to using a touch screen mobile phone and tablets, so a touch screen sign is something that will integrate into any advertising or marketing plan.

Outdoor digital signage rental

As the name suggests, these outdoor kiosks are designed to be used outdoors, we currently have 2 x 46” units that are double sided allowing you to play different ads on the different sides of the kiosk. The outdoor units can be controlled by a networked media player, so everything can be monitored remotely.

Digital signage rental pricing.

The period of hire can be as little as 1, 3, 5 or 7 days, or even longer depending on what you wish to do, prices from as little as £300 all depending on the length of rental and the product that is being rented out.

Tax advantage.

Renting digital signage hardware is very tax efficient, rather than purchasing the units outright and the businesses owning he signage hardware as assets. Most companies use digital signage rental as their first step in to using dynamic advertising to promote their businesses.

We at Digital Signage Systems Limited offer a rebate to anyone purchasing a product after hiring from us, so businesses can test the hardware with a rental then when they are ready to buy, we can take the rental agreement into consideration and reduce the cost of outright ownership.

So if you are considering digital signage rental for a specific event, there are solutions around, contact Digital Signage Systems Limited.