Digital Signage hire infographic

Dynamic, digital signage hire – what it can do for you!

You may have seen the uptake in electronic, digital signage that seems to be popping up every where, digital signage hire is one of the reason for the popularity, businesses can see results within days of deploying these units, let me explain…

The principle behind these electronic signs.

They are very simple, you can display ads for the items you have that are over stocked and can run them when the timing is best, let us look at swimwear as an example.

A department store has taken delivery of 1500 bikinis in November due to the low price, then the marketing department creates the content, just waiting for the ideal time, then when the weather is getting warmer, the store can advertise a discounted price on the bikinis and the sales can be monitored, to establish which ads are working best.

This way the stores know the digital adverts work and the return on the hardware is quick, this is why hiring electronic signage hardware is an excellent way for a business to get started using this form of advertising.

Electronic signage hire is perfect for:

  • 1 day events
  • Trade shows
  • Product launches

Is digital signage rental for you?

Well, that is a question, only you can answer, it is one of the most affordable ways to use the latest technology without having to spend thousands on buying the hardware.

Hopefully the infographic below explains it better.

digital signage hire infographic

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